Friday, September 26, 2008

County Fair 2008

Oh the county fair! I don't know why I enjoy the fair so much, but it is one of my favorite once a year traditions. Maybe it's the really greasy, totally bad for you food, which we didn't eat this year, except dessert of course! Really, I think it is the rides. I have always loved to ride rides, especially the ones that go around and around and around, however, this year I realized after riding my one ride by myself that I am really 30! It wasn't so much fun to have my stomach in knots the rest of the evening.
We had a fun time petting the animals, watching our big Karis ride rides by herself, riding rides with Karis, and watching Noah be Noah! Hope you enjoy the picks. I think I will try my luck again next year with a ride, just maybe I will stick with the Ferris wheel and not a ride that twists while going around and around!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Beach and Birthday!

My parents were supposed to come and be here for mine and my mom's birthday on the 16 and 17, but because of hurricane Ike, they didn't get to come. We had planned to go to the beach on Sunday after church and stay until Tuesday, which was my birthday. Justin and I decided at the last minute to go ahead and go to the beach. We were excited to see how Noah would like the beach. Karis enjoys anything to do with water, so we knew she would be excited to be there.
We had a very relaxing time. Karis had as much fun as a three year old can in the sand and water. Noah was skeptical at first, but after he ate about three handfuls of sand, he was good to go. We ate at our favorite restaurant for lunch on my birthday before we headed home. It was a very fun trip. Justin and I kept thinking that it didn't' seem right for us to be relaxing at the beach when our families were without power.
Here are some pictures of our fun time. One disclaimer: the pictures are not very good because we left our camera at home and had to use a disposable. I can't remember the last time I have had to look through a little hole to take a picture!

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Reflections on turning 30!

Yesterday I turned 30 years old. As I reflected on 30 years of life, God brought a wonderful realization to mind, I have been a Christian for the last 20 years of my life. WOW! By God's grace, I have spent the last 20 years being sanctified by Him into the woman He desires me to be, sometimes with ease but mostly with great difficulty. I have felt His presence and love for 20 years. I am sitting here without words but with an overflowing heart of thankfulness.

I thought it would be fitting to reflect on 30 things that my Savior has taught, shown, plucked out, changed, etc. in my life in these last 20 years.

1-Christ opened my eyes to see my need for a Savior.

2-Christ put godly examples in my life to show me more of Him.

3-Blessed me with two godly parents who have loved me unconditionally.

4-He gave me strength to withstand all the temptations of high school.

5-He showed me that He was all I would ever need.

6-He allowed me to witness and share the gospel with my friends without fear.

7-Gave me a glimpse of what a live who passionately pursues Him looks like.

8-Blessed me by allowing me to marry that man, Justin, in 1999.

9-Daily reminds me of His grace ever pouring out on me as I confess and put to death sins in my life.

10-Joy is found only in Him!

11-Allows me to see, know, and love Him more through His Word.

12-He has given me a passion to know His word and realize that theology is very important.

13-He has shown me that predestination is Biblical and true, I am so grateful that He has predestined me.

14-He will not forsake His own.

15-He is faithful even when I am not.

16-He delights in His children seeking Him.

17-His love is unconditional and always the same.

18-Blessed me with my first child, Karis Ann.

19-Blessed me by allowing me to be a pastor's wife.

20-He cares about all our prayers, even the small things that seem insignificant.

21-His blood has washed away my sins.

22-Jesus paid it all! There is nothing left for me to do but cling to Him and Him alone.

23-Blessed me with my second child, Noah John.

24-Blessed me with many godly friends to embrace this journey with, thank you all for allowing Christ to work through your life.

25-His grace is sufficient.

26-I need His grace daily to love, train, and discipline my children.

27-In the storms of life is where I can feel His presence most.

28-Singing praises to my Savior allows me to get the focus off myself and onto the one who deserves it.

29-He has shown me how selfish and prideful I am, and then He reminds me of His saving and sanctifying grace.

30-Blessed me with 20 years of being His child and knowing and falling more in love with my Savior.

Wow, I still can't believe that I am 30. God is good, and He never changes. I am thankful that He can and has changed me in a million different ways in the last 20 years.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Coupons and Craziness

I was so excited today to go the Harris Teeter and bring my coupons (triple coupon) time. I had a few things that I was getting for very cheap, and I just needed a few other things for the rest of the week. The sale paper came out yesterday, so I plotted out all the things I needed and how much I was going to save, since they send us $20 off of a $50 coupon for every week this month. After waiting ten minutes for the manager to find an item I needed, for coupon purposes, Karis, Noah, and I proceeded to check out. As I proudly pulled out my coupons, about $35 in all, I realized that I left the $20 coupon at home. A very disappointed and frustrated feeling fell over me. I had already celebrated my saving victory before I checked out only to discover that I only saved $20 instead of $40.
I guess this will teach me to be so prideful about coupons and saving money! Maybe next time I shouldn't be quite so organized!!

9 Months Old and Walking, Genius Book of World Records?

Noah just turned nine months old yesterday. He has been taking steps for awhile now, but just in the last few days, he has started doing it without our prompting. Wow, is this a world record, walking at nine months? He is not very sturdy as you will be able to see, but he is so cute. I am so blessed to be his mom. He is a mess, never in one place very long, but so much fun and always so happy. He loves playing with his sister, eating, and laughing. Here are two short videos of Noah displaying his walking skills. By the way, did you know that you can't walk without your arms straight up in the air?

I still can't believe he really is walking, where has the time gone, and why doesn't he just slow down!!!

Friday, September 05, 2008

Four Days Alone!!

Monday Justin left for his fall retreat, the kids and I alone for four days! We had a great time, we stayed busy and got a lot of things done. I am so thankful that my husband cares enough about his ministry to take these retreats to focus on his sermons and the future of Christ Baptist Church. I am also thankful that he didn't return home with the flu like last time.
I wanted to send a special thank you to our church family. Thank you to the Skinners for opening up your home for dinner, thank you to Sondra for going to Rocky Mount with us, thank you to the Noonan girls for coming to play with Karis, thank you to Nancy Tucker for dinner and for loving my children. It was a great week and I am blessed to have such a loving church family.
On a side note, Noah has decided that pull ups are fun. He is so strong! I would never have imagined. He is also taking about three or four steps at a time now. He will be walking before we know it!
Have a great weekend!