Monday, December 31, 2007

Fun with Aunt Courtney!

We were so blessed to have Justin's sister, Courtney, come and take care of Karis for us when we went to the hospital to have Noah. Karis was so excited to see her and had a great time hanging out with her "Aunt Courtney." Here is are some pictures that tell of all their fun!

Karis was still all about the leaves when Aunt Courtney came, so they played in the leaves some more on Saturday.

Karis went to wake up Aunt Courtney after her nap.

Courtney and Karis are putting together a foam train for Christmas. Karis really enjoyed this project and has been playing with it ever since.

While we were in the hospital, Courtney did a lot of fun things with Karis, like have her paint a cross that you put in the window. She did a good job!

They made reindeer cookies and brought us some at the hospital.

Karis liked playing make up with Courtney! She likes to pretend that she is putting it on!

When Courtney and Karis came to the hospital to visit, Karis wore her BIG SISTER shirt that was way too big. They had a play ground at the hospital and Justin and Courtney took her to play for awhile after she visited me.

Karis got to watch her own zoo come to life in foam animals in the water. She is still playing with those animals now.
Courtney, thank you for coming and taking care of our precious Karis. I know that she had a wonderful time with you. You spoiled her and made her feel very special during this huge change in her life, not being the only child. You were a very big help around the house and cooking dinner. The chicken fried steak was so yummy! We are blessed to have you in our lives. We love you!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Catching Up!

I can't believe that Noah is now 10 days old. It has been a roller coaster for me, trying to nurse and not getting much rest. I am so thankful that my parents are here. I don't know how I would manage without them. My mom and dad have both been wonderful and very supportive of me in my decision to stop nursing and bottle feed. I had issues with Karis at four months and was always wondering if she was getting enough milk. Those issues have not been far from my mind during this attempt at nursing and it was literally consuming my thoughts. After much prayer and other difficulties nursing, I decided that bottle feeding was going to be the best thing for our family. Thank you Justin for being supportive and allowing God to teach me through this. You are such a blessing, and I don't deserve you. Thank you Mom and Dad for always giving me your unconditional love and support and your opinions on things. You are all a treasure to me.
We still have almost five more days with my parents before they leave. It continues to be a wonderful visit and a time of joy with them celebrating the birth of Noah and playing with Karis non-stop, thanks Dad, as Karis always says, "Papa John, come play with me!"

Monday, December 10, 2007

Noah John

Noah John Childers was born today at 1:30pm. He weighed 8lbs 11oz. I'm recovering great and am thankful for God's grace to us. Thanks for your prayers.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Big Day & Leaves!

Well, tomorrow is the big day! We will meet our son, Noah John tomorrow sometime after 11:30. My c-section is scheduled for 11:30 am. I honestly cannot believe it is already time for us to meet him. Tomorrow seems too soon, but I am very excited. Karis is already enjoying her time with Aunt Courtney, who flew in yesterday. She cannot get enough of her. I am so thankful to have her here to take good care of Karis while we are at the hospital. I am also thankful that Justin will be able to stay with me at the hospital. This will be my last post for awhile, Justin or Courtney will post pictures after Noah is born sometime tomorrow or Tuesday. Thank you for all your prayers.
Here are a few pictures of Karis and Justin's play day in the leaves. They had a great time yesterday, as you will be able to tell.

Picking up leaves is fun!

I love this picture! Throwing leaves is more fun!

Karis helped Justin rake up the leaves with her sandbox rake! It was funny to watch her.

Then, she and Justin wheeled the leaves to street to be picked up. She thought she was flying high, riding in the wheelbarrow! What fun leaves are for little ones and big ones!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Baby Update: Only 5 days left!!!

Monday, Justin and I went to the doctor for my last visit until my c-section on Monday, Dec. 10. I cannot believe I only have about 5 more days until I get to hold Noah! (that is unless he comes earlier). Everything is still very good, except that I had lost almost 5 pounds because of the stomach bug Justin and I had the week before. It was not fun, but at least that is more weight I don't have to lose later! This week, Karis and I are doing some fun, memorable things since it is our last official week by ourselves before baby brother comes. I am so excited about meeting him and God adding to our family. Please continue to pray for me as Monday approaches, I am getting a little anxious because of the c-section. Thankfully, I know that God is sovereign, and no matter what "He holds all authority over my doctors, Noah being born, my recovery, etc."(Matt. 28:18).