Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Meal Planning

I have always been a planner, ask my husband. I love to sit and plan things down to the last detail. However, sometimes my meal planning doesn't always keep us in the monthly budget. It seems that I have a hankering for steak at the end of the month or want to eat something I don't have the ingredients for. We also have the added cost of feeding another person, Noah, who sometimes eats enough for three!! I am now trying to feed four people with healthy meals, three times a day. It is challenging and fun to see if I can do it.

I decided this month to try a new strategy. I usually plan out meals for a week or two and shop once a week. Sometimes I end up having to go to the store more than that because I forget something, I think this comes naturally from my mom!! I have planned out all the meals for April, trying to space things out with the leftovers, which are none sometimes, with other side dishes. What usually gets me is breakfast and lunch. I usually cook breakfast about two mornings a week, so I went ahead and planned out what we are going to eat on those mornings. I picked a few desserts and breads to bake for the month, so I won't be running to get chocolate chips every weekend!

We will see how this goes. I have enjoyed the laundry detergent that I made and am still using the first five gallon bucket that I made. I started it in January. I will keep you updated on how long it last. I have now saved $20 in laundry detergent after my start up cost of buying the bucket and ingredients to make the soap. With the economy the way it is and trying to be a good steward of the money God has entrusted to my husband and I, I am working out the best and most useful way to spend it. The way that will give Him the most glory, feed my family, keep them healthy, be able to provide for others when needed, and be thankful for what we have.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Quick hello!

Hey, just wanted everyone to know that we had a great trip to Texas. I will post pictures later and let you know all about our fun, but since I didn't take many pictures, I am awaiting the emailed ones from family members. Hope everyone is doing well.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Date Night/ Kid Fun!

Justin and I were very fortunate last Friday to have a date night in Raleigh, hence some good Mexican food- thank you On The Border!! We also enjoyed some leisurely, well I enjoyed, walking around the mall and browsing! Justin doesn't enjoy shopping at all, but he endured for me. What a trooper!
While we were out on the town, our friends, Chris and Rebecca, watched the kids at there house, they live in Raleigh. Karis enjoyed watching a movie with Mr. Chris and decorating cookies with Mrs. Rebecca. Noah just enjoyed going up and down the stairs over and over.

Karis and Rebecca decorating the cookies, they saved some for us and they were very good!

I am not sure what this expression is, but hey, who wants to be interrupted when they are decorating, and mostly eating, cookies!

Thank you so much Chris and Rebecca. You encourage us with you love for our children and our church family. God has blessed us by bringing you into our fold and has blessed our church with a worship leader who loves Christ more than anything else. Rebecca, your dedication and love for my children and the children of the church is so evident and a ray of sunshine for us all. We love you guys!