Monday, July 30, 2012

Beach Vacation 2012

Our annual beach vacation started on a slightly sour note this year.  The week before, Noah had a high fever for five days.  Monday night before we left, Karis started running fever.  After giving her Tylenol every four hours, when we left Tuesday, she still had a fever.  She was a trooper; took her medicine, helped pack, and didn't get frazzled when she wasn't feeling well.  Her fever did hinder our beach time some, but we still had a fantastic time.  

We decided to to "unplugged" for this vacation, no tv, movies, internet, etc.  We did bring Justin's ipod for music in the car, since the cd player is broken and for me to have something to listen to while I ran.  We got to the beach late Tuesday night and all went to bed.  Justin graciously took the kids to the store on Wednesday morning so I could run.  After breakfast, we loaded up all our stuff and went to the beach.

We spent lots of time playing in the waves, sand, and walking along the beach.  I think Noah enjoyed the waves more than anyone else this year.  He couldn't get enough!

The kids always love having Daddy's undivided attention!  My two boys! 

After a few hours, Karis started feeling bad again, so we went in for the day.  While she napped, Noah and I went to the local book/toy store.  Of course we came home with a new book for him and Karis.  We played lots of games, especially enjoying our two new games: Trouble and Wits and Wagers.  For the first time, we went to the pier to look out on the beach.  We saw lots of fisherman but missed seeing anyone catch a fish.

Thursday morning after running and breakfast, we went on an adventure to another town about 30 minutes away, Morehead City.  I wanted to eat at this restaurant there called The Sanitary Restaurant and Fish Market.      The food and atmosphere were good and fun!  We then strolled into a few shops and headed back to venture out on the beach again.  

Karis didn't make it quite as long this time and Justin started not feeling well.  I had to go get some medicine for him, so I got a movie for us to watch as we ate our pizza for dinner.  After the movie and some more game fun, we sent the kids to bed.  This is how we found them about a half hour later....

Karis read Noah all the books he brought!  

Friday Justin took the kids to the beach while I cleaned up.  Noah finally jumped into the deep end and went under in the pool!  A big milestone for him.  

On a side note: thanks to Bill and Anne Highsmith for letting us use your beach house.  We enjoyed every minute of it, and I hope I cleaned all the germs out!  

Every year that we have gone to the beach, I am reminded of how BIG and POWERFUL our God is.  He knows the number of grains of sand, He tells the waves where to stop, He commands all nature, and He holds me in the palm of His hand.  There is no other place I would rather be!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Blast from the Past, 1980's

Saturday, our family experienced a "blast from the past, the 1980's."  My friend, Amanda, had her 30th birthday party, 1980's style, and all I can say is there was lots of laughter and fun.  After the initial shock of some of our outfits, the fun, food and silliness began.  We were taken back in time to my childhood, I was a toddler and in elementary school during the 80's.  The fashion for a child was so different than an adult, but I broke out the shoulder pads, converse, and side ponytail.  I did try my hand at some crazy eye shadow and ultra pink blush!  The kids thought it was funny that an adult would have a birthday party, but they had a blast, dancing, eating, and playing games with their friends.  

Amanda's parents decorated the fellowship hall so well, bringing back tones of memories for all of us.  

We have the first original Nintendo, I can't believe Amanda's still works.  There was so much memorabilia, movies, records, etc.  

We danced the "electric slide" and listened to all the 80's music. 

This is probably my favorite picture, the fashion of our men all over the place: Magnum PI, my preppy husband, the skater, and of course, the neon pants!

All the ladies!

Karis and her friend Carly.

The kids trying to limbo!  Look at Karis concentrating so hard!

There was plenty of good food, lots of snacks and of course cake.  My little man was all over the cake as usual.  If you find the food, you will find Noah!

Tess, Amanda (the birthday girl), and me 

And last our family portrait, our interpretation of the 80's on a limited budget!!

Thanks Amanda for giving us a reason to go back in time.  It was so fun to be silly and relive the "old days."  
I am glad that side ponytails are not in anymore, I had a splitting headache when the night was over!

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Daddy Daughter Date

Last Saturday, Justin took Karis on a Daddy Daughter date to get ice cream and to work on a special project.  I wasn't even in the know of what they were going to do, so after they had been gone over two hours, I was beginning to worry that something had happened.  I couldn't possibly imagine what they could be doing for that long since neither one of them like to talk much.  When the door opened almost three hours later, this is what Karis excitedly showed me:

It is a poster that tells "all about Karis."  She was beaming when she showed it to me, rattling off all the things on the poster a mile a minute.  Her enthusiasm was so contagious that she had a hard time going to bed!  I am so thankful that Justin loves being with his girls, big or small!  He is a treasure.

While they were gone, Noah and I had some ice cream, did some puzzles, and played Justin's guitar.  (We tried to play!)

He is not very musically inclined, but at least he was praising the Lord with joy!

And yes, Noah's bed is NOT made and makes the best backdrop for his guitar playing!!!