Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Just to say THANK YOU!

A little late in coming, but THANK YOU, none the less for our gifts Amma and Papa John!

Noah's face is priceless in both pictures, but Karis still has a hard time not being silly taking pictures.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Swim Lessons Take Two

Karis has always been a fish in the water. She has never been afraid to jump in and go under or swim. We decided to have her and Noah take swimming lessons, mostly because I wanted her to finally try for her "swim necklace" so she could be in the deep end. (She could have gotten it last summer and maybe even the summer before that, but she wouldn't even try.)
Noah wouldn't jump in by himself so we were hoping swim lessons would help him like to go under the water.

Noah's first swim lesson went great. He loved it; however, Justin and I experienced deja vu with Noah when he freaked out and started crying after hitting the water in his second swimming lesson. He never returned to the water or to another swimming lesson this summer. When Karis was three, she did the same thing at the second lesson. I don't know what scared my kids but something did. I am happy to report that now Noah is jumping in by himself and trying to "swim!" (It is strange when your children do the same thing at the same age especially when neither one could tell us why they were scared.)

Karis did fantastic and showed much improvement in her swimming. She took her swim test after the first lesson and passed easily.

Waiting patiently for her teacher, Miss Sarah

I liked seeing that BIG smile on her face, since last time she attempted swim lessons it was not there. Her teacher, Sarah, did a fantastic job and Karis learned many new swim strokes and how to dive, which her mommy can't do!

Monday, August 08, 2011

Beach Trip 2001

The last week of June, our family took our annual summer beach vacation. We spent four glorious days at Emerald Isle: basking in the sun, playing at the beach, eating way too much, and enjoying each others uninterrupted company! It is a blessing to experience God's vast creation, especially seeing His vast ocean and powerful waves. What a Savior!

Our first night we always walk on the beach, resulting in two very wet children!

We spent two wonderful days on the beach. I love seeing Noah finally enjoying the waves as much as his sister does. The kids get a kick out of playing with Daddy and having his full attention.

We let the kids sleep together, which wasn't the smartest idea, but hey, vacations are when memories are made, right? Look at those faces, see what I mean?

It rained one day so we went to the Aquarium. It was Noah's first time, and the kids seemed taken with all the sea creatures. My two little crabs!

The kids and Justin are standing in front of the BIG shark tank, that is why they look like they are screaming in the left picture and holding their breath in the right one.

We also took the kids to see Cars 2. Of course, Noah couldn't stop talking about it and is still talking about it. We really enjoyed it. I am so blessed and thankful for my family.