Thursday, February 26, 2009

So Far This Week...

I have not pushed snooze on the alarm clock more than once.

I have had a good 30 minutes to an hour time with the Lord before my day started.

I have been reminded that "the gifts and calling of God are irrevocable." (Romans 11:29)

I have exercised everyday.

I got all the house work done including the mile high stack on ironing.

I have greatly enjoyed serving my husband and training and loving my children.

I have read countless books to my kids, some of them at least four times each a day, mostly for Noah!

Karis is learning to be self-controlled.

Karis has done "school" three days and been very attentive.

Karis has reminded me of God's grace to us when we sin.

Karis has allowed me to use some of the things I have learned from reading "Peacemaker."

Karis has given me countless hugs and words of love just because I am her Mommy.

Noah said "thank you." At least I think he did!

Noah has found out how to get into the island and help himself to as many Cheerios as he can!

Noah has dropped his morning nap and sleeps for 2-3 hours in the afternoon.

Noah has given me many slobbery kisses and started pulling me where he wants me to go.

God has been good to us. God has grown us closer as a family. God has caused me to love my husband more for his love of our Savior and his servant's heart towards me. God has given me patience in training and disciplining my children and caused me to fall on my knees in praise and supplication for them.
Thank you Father for a week that has blessed my heart!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Valentine's Day!

We had a great Valentine's Day last Saturday. Justin's sister and his dad and step mom sent Valentine's gifts for the kids. They had a lot of fun opening them up on Saturday. They really enjoyed the candy! Who wouldn't! Here are some pics.

Noah got a new snack (Cheerios) holder from Aunt Courtney, much more manly than the one I carry around.

Aunt Courtney gave Karis an animal bingo game, it is really fun. We have enjoyed playing it.

Karis also got her own spoon, spatula, and measuring cup with legs. Very cute!
Thanks to Mrs. Sondra and her niece Alex, Justin and I went on a date Friday before Valentine's. We attempted to take our own pictures with the delay flash. Not too bad!

You can't have Valentine's without a kiss!! I love you Justin!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

From a four year olds mind...

Karis got a dollhouse for Christmas. This is how she decorated it the other day:

Daddy and Karis lounging together upstairs with the hippos.

The zebras in the kitchen, and the giraffes watching the baby in the tub.

The lions eating and the kangaroos looking "ticked" because they have nothing to eat. Mrs. Noah (by the way, Noah's wife doesn't have a name in the Bible, so we call her Mrs. Noah) watching all that is taking place.

The cheetahs are hanging their heads in shame because they disobeyed and decorated the bookshelf, they know better than to mess with Daddy's books!

And finally, Mommy is laying down on the floor in exhaustion from cleaning and taking care of everyone. The purple thing is a beater from Karis' mixer, she said it was Mommy's mop hanging to dry after a hard day of scrubbing the floors.
And by the way, Noah is hanging from the roof in a baby swing unsupervised. What?
What an imagination Karis has! I know how that Mom feels just laying down wherever she is, but it is a good exhaustion, knowing I have accomplished something. Hope you enjoyed decorating four year old style!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Convictions and Praises

"In that day you will ask in my name, and I do not say to you that I will ask the Father on your behalf; for the Father himself loves you because you have loved me and have believed that I came from God." John 16:26-27

Last night at care group, we discussed what it means to truly believe that the Father loves us. Jesus is talking to his disciples in the last hours before He faces the cross, and He is comforting and encouraging them. What a great Savior, He is looking death and God's wrath in the face, and He chooses to use the last hours to comfort and encourage His disciples.
I was very convicted of my own lack of contentment and joy in my circumstances. God has been slowly and patiently teaching me how selfish and vain I am. I have been dealing with some mild acne problems for about three months now, and God is teaching me that my self worth is in him, not what I look like on the outside but how He is changing me on the inside. I have been convicted of own lack of joy in my circumstances, no matter what they are. Christ is about to face the cross and He is choosing to think about others, not Himself. What a novel concept!
I pray that God would continue to show me own selfishness as I trust in the promise: that the Father loves me. I really couldn't ask for anything more than the love of the God of the universe!

On another note, God has also rewarded my obedience. My Memaw is turning 90 years old in March, and my parents are throwing her a big party. I had prayed that I would be able to fly down to Texas to go to the party, because she will only turn 90 once! Also, my Memaw is a very special lady, a woman who displays God's love and the gospel through prayer and love for her family. I have never known a more praying and God-seeking woman than my Memaw. She is an inspiration and great example to me. I pray that one day, I too, would be able to leave a legacy behind like she will, "well done good faithful servant."
After many discussions and pleading with God, my husband decided it just wasn't going to work out. God gave me a sense of peace and submission to husband. Last week, my mom called and said that one of her friends would give us two stand by tickets so Karis, Noah, and I could come to the party. I was shocked and awed by God's gift! It was the last thing I expected. Now, I will get to spend an extra week with my family and see Justin's family, instead of being home alone with the kids for a week. Justin will be gone to his spring retreat the same week we are gone. God is good! What an amazing and loving God we serve, one who is convicting me of sin and yet giving me my heart's desire!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


A few weeks ago, Justin and I discovered a Veggie tale CD in Karis' drawer. She listens to it almost daily since we found it. After she had been listening to it for a few days, we were driving home from Rocky Mount, and this is a remake of our conversation:

"Larry gets pooped up." Karis said.
"What," I said.
"Larry gets pooped up on the CD."
I am thinking what kind of CD is this, and it's a Veggie tale CD.
Justin and I both look at each other and Justin says, "Who gets pooped up?"
"Larry does." Karis replies.
It then dawns on Justin that in one of the songs, Larry says he is pooped.
Karis thought pooped meant pooped up because that is what we say when Calvin rubs in poop. She thought that Larry really got pooped up like Calvin does.
After a few minutes of hard laughter, Justin explained to Karis what it means to be pooped, as in tired.

I hope this makes sense to you, it was really funny to us. Our sweet white dog likes to get pooped up, and it is not very fun to clean up!