Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall Is Here!

Our neighbors gave each one of the kids a pumpkin a few weeks ago. It was so nice of them to do that, and thanks to Aunt Courtney, they each had a face to put on the pumpkin. Karis got to make hello kitty, and Noah got to make pooh bear. It has been so funny to hear Noah say "Bye-bye pooh bear," every time we leave to go somewhere for the last two weeks. Thanks to Papa John and Amma, the kids have their cute fall shirts. Hope everyone is enjoying the fall weather.
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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Territory

I have officially stepped into new territory as a mother. My son has always loved his bed, sleeping and napping. He was sick a few weeks ago and his schedule got off some, then Justin was gone last week for a few days and his schedule continued to be off. Now the last few days, he has been crying when it is nap time or waking up crying after only sleeping an hour or so. Then the next day he would take a good nap. Now two days in a row, he has been crying. I have been listening to him yell for mommy to hold him now for about 45 minutes, it is very sad and my heart is hurting for him. I have gone in a few times to try and comfort him and all is does is start him over again, oh the joys of mothering. There is nothing wrong with him, all I can figure is he is testing the waters, seeing if he can win this battle. He is doing a great job right now of testing me.
I am thankful for God's grace since I am prone to just give in, but I must do what is best for him and let him see who God has put in charge and it isn't him. Oh Lord, strength and wisdom for today!

Friday, October 09, 2009

Anniversary Cont.

Justin and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary in Raleigh, eating at one of our favorite restaurants, On The Border, yes, I realize it is not a fancy place but it is good food! We were very thankful for The Scotts watching the kids for us, they live in Raleigh, so we dropped the kids off at their house and went on our date. After a long, uninterrupted dinner, we went to Lifeway bookstore and browsed and bought a few things of course. It was a great night reminiscing about the last 10 years and looking ahead to our future.

Happy 10 years Justin!
For my gift, along with our anniversary trip in November with the Tombrella's, Justin bought me a new wedding ring. We had talked about it for awhile back, and I knew I was getting one because he traded in my other one. For those of you who might not think I am sentimental, the wedding ring that I had was not my original one that Justin gave me. That one got lost in the mail ( a very long story). Anyways, I had told Justin what I like, and he outdid himself. I was pleasantly surprised especially when he gave me this ring just like he proposed to me 10 years ago, attached to the same Bible. Great job babe! I love you!

The Bible with my new ring.

Close up view.

Thanks Chris and Rebecca for watching the kids, they had a great time and so did we. You guys are a blessing to us.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Birthday Visit from my Parents

I was again blessed by my parents being here on my birthday and my Mom's birthday which are a day apart. I can only count two times in my life, all 31 years, where my mom and I have not been together on or around our birthdays. It is such a blessing to me, since in our family, birthdays are very special! Since my parents flew this time, they got to stay a week, Saturday to Saturday.
We had a lot of fun. Mom and I got to have a girl's shopping day, courtesy of Papa John and Justin watching the kids for us. We went to Raleigh and enjoyed lots of looking and eating at On The Border. We also took the kids to the Marble Museum in Raleigh, for the first time. They had a blast. There was so much to do that Karis was running around like a chicken with her head cut off to all the different places, and Noah just followed her wherever she went. Here are some pictures from our trip:

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We did more shopping at the Smithfield outlet mall, where Noah and Karis got some clothes and of course I got to eat at Zaxby's. Friday we hung out most of the day since my parents were leaving on Saturday. We did get to have a date with just the grown ups, thanks to Nancy coming and babysitting. We went to eat at The Beefmaster, a place where you can only get steak, baked potato, and salad. It was very good and we had a wonderful birthday dinner thanks to Papa John footing the bill! Thanks Dad!
I am so thankful that my parents come and visit us. We always seem to pack a lot into a few days, but the time is always memorable. I love you guys and so do the kids. Noah still asks to kiss Amma and Pop John before bed!

Friday, October 02, 2009

Ten Years Ago....

Ten years ago today
A new chapter in my life began,
As I stood before family and friends
And married the most godly man.
Your passion and love for Christ
Is and was so contagious and pure,
It was the first thing I noticed
And what drew my heart to yours.
Here are ten pictures that represent 10 wonderful, exciting, adventurous, sometimes hard, and always fun years. May these memories of God's grace in our lives and marriage remind us from where our strength and love for each other come from, Him.

Mr. and Mrs. Justin Childers

Our wedding day, October 2, 1999

Hanging at my parents house with our first dog, Josiah.

Rangers baseball game when we were in seminary.

Celebrating a friend's wedding while still in seminary.

Graduation from seminary 2004

Thanksgiving 2005 at my parents house.

My handsome husband sporting his necklace from Karis.

Easter 2009 with the whole family. Justin is such an amazing, loving father, I couldn't ask for anything more.

Our journey in on this day in 1999 started with a kiss so my memories will end with a kiss. I pray God continues to give us many more years together, they have only grown more special and sweet.
I love you Justin more than words can say, and what I said at the beginning still rings true: I married the most godly man, who spurs me on daily and continues to love me in spite of my faults. It is an honor to be your wife, and I am so blessed to be first HIS then YOURS.
"Glorify the Lord with me, let us exalt His name together."
Psalm 34:3