Saturday, July 28, 2007

Summer Texas Trip Part II

I will let these great pictures tell about our time in Orange and Beaumont. Thank you Aunt Courtney for the pictures!

We went to Courtney's house in Beaumont first. Karis and Lucy had fun playing while Justin toured Courtney's house. We visited there for awhile and then headed to Orange. We went by Justin's grandparents house first.

Karis really enjoys playing with her Papou. She played ball with him and told him all about her day.

Mamou adores Karis and it is fun to watch her interact with her. Karis was very sweet to both of them, showering them with hugs and kisses. It was much better this time than when we went in April, Karis wasn't afraid of anyone. It didn't take her long to warm up to everyone.

We went to PopPop and Grammie's after we left Justin's grandparents. We enjoyed a good dinner, and Karis spent a lot of time outside swinging with her PopPop.

Grammie and I also got the pleasure of swinging with Karis and watching her play with rocks. We also just had a nice peaceful visit!

On Saturday, we took Karis to another water park with Justin's family. It was almost exactly like the other one we had taken her to earlier in the week with my parents. She had a blast, as you can tell. This park had water that shot up out of the group. Karis really enjoyed it.

It was very fun to splash everyone with the water. It was also fun to go down the lazy river and slide down the slide. After we left the water park, we ate some very good Mexican food.

We all went home to rest, thus Karis being tuckered out. She slept for almost three hours after we got back to PopPop and Grammie's house. We got dressed later that day and headed over to Mamou and Papou's to eat dinner with them and Justin's Aunt Canda and Uncle Mike.

Karis liked her ice cream bar much better than her dinner, imagine that!

Karis sported her new "I'm the BIG sister" shirt that her Aunt Courtney made her. She also got a matching pink camo skirt. It was really cute. Thanks Aunt Courtney!

When we finished eating dinner, Karis and Justin went into the den to watch TV. He said that Karis kept looking around. She finally went back into the dining room and asked Papou to come watch the animals with her (they had been watching the animal planet before we ate dinner). She then climbed up into his lap and stayed there until we left. Karis is very much like her mommy, she likes to sit in her daddy's, PopPop's, Papa John's, or Papou's lap.
We went to church on Sunday in Orange. I got to go to Beaumont on Sunday afternoon and visit my friends Laura and Ashley. It is great getting to see them if only for a little while. Laura is 36 weeks pregnant with her third child, a little boy. I can't wait to see Samuel!!

On Monday, we got up and packed all our stuff and headed back to Beaumont to meet Courtney for lunch at Olive Garden. Courtney made Karis her new bedspread for her twin size bed that she will be getting shortly. She was also making these aprons for a charity event at the hospital where she works. Karis got to model one for us.
We drove back to Magnolia and spent the night with my parents. They took us to the airport the next morning. It was a tearful goodbye since I know that I will not see them again until December. I am so thankful that God allows us the means to be able to see our families. We love you all very much and are blessed to be apart of the Childers' and Adams' families.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Summer Texas Trip Part I

Tuesday, July 17, Justin, Karis, and I flew to Texas. It was an uneventful plane ride. My parents met us at the airport, and it was a joyous reunion. I sometimes forget how much I miss seeing my parents, since I talk to them both on the phone almost daily. Big hugs are so much better than talking on the phone. Karis was very excited to see PaPa John and 'Amma. She went right to PaPa John and talked our ears off as we drove back to my parents house. Of course, we had to get some real Mexican food for dinner. It was very good!!!
On Wednesday, we took Karis to a water park. It was very neat and she really enjoyed herself, especially having Daddy there to swim and play with her. After dinner that night, we went to visit my brother and his family. Thursday, my mom and I went to the mall, and Justin and my dad played with Karis. I again got to eat some more Mexican food for lunch!! That night, my brother and his family came over for dinner. Here are a few pictures of Karis and her cousins.

Karis and Brooklynn hugging. They were so cute together this time, they actually played like old friends. Brooklynn is my niece that had cancer. She looks so good now.

Karis and Madison just messing around. Madi is so good with Karis and her sister. She keeps them very entertained.

On Friday, one of my best friends from high school, Mandy, brought her son Henry over. We visited and let the kids play together. It was really good to see her. Our kids are only about three months apart.
Henry, Mandy, Me, and Karis. It was like pulling teeth to get both of them to sit still long enough to take the picture.

We left for Orange to visit Justin's family after lunch. More on that part of our visit later.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Off to Texas

I just wanted to let everyone know that we will be in Texas until next Tuesday. We are making our last trip there this year, since we won't be going at Christmas time. Our little boy will be born right before Christmas. Hope everyone has a wonderful week. I will post pictures of our trip home. I can't wait to see our families, eat some real Mexican food, and eat some Blue Bell!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ultrasound Pictures

Justin put the first mug shots of our little boy on his blog, so I am just going to put a link to it for you. Hope you all enjoy seeing him. I know that my dad will, he is very excited about having a grandson!! (he already has three granddaughters). Here the link to Justin's blog.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Like Mommy Does

Lately, Karis has been very interested in helping me cook. I don't usually allow her to help when, but I have started to get brave. It is always messy when we are finished, but she has so much fun. One night after dinner, Karis and I made brownies. She loves to pour the ingredients into the bowl and stir.

As you can see, Karis is concentrating very hard as she stirs. She didn't realize that it was kind of hard to stir brownie mix at first.

As she continues to stir, she asks me if she can lick the "spa-tula."

I told her we could after we finished pouring the batter into the bowl. She is definitely my daughter, licking the spoon is one of my favorite reasons for making any kind of dessert.

And of course, the finished product. Her face has most of the batter on it!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It's a BOY!!

We found out today that we are having a boy. The ultrasound went great, and Baby boy is very healthy. He had the hiccups most of the time so he was very squirmy. He has a very cute little face, and he gave us a thumbs up. Karis said "look at that frog mommy." She was talking about her little brother's heart. She was very good and is very excited about having a brother.
I am very healthy. My blood pressure is great, and somehow, even though my belly is starting to pouch, I haven't gained any weight yet. I think the scales might be wrong!
Any suggestions on names? We know one of his names will be John, after my dad, but we aren't sure about the other name. I pray everyone is having a wonderful day. Thanks for sharing in our joy!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Big Day Tomorrow!

Tomorrow I go to the doctor for my 17 week check up, and we will have our sonogram to find out what we are having. I am very excited that Justin and Karis will both be going with me. I can't wait to see how Karis reacts to the sonogram. We all really hope it is a boy, but in the end, it really doesn't matter. God determines what we have! Hope everyone is having a great Monday!
Here's a verse for today:
"And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him." Colossians 3:17

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Karis' Favorite Toy!

Karis has always enjoyed jumping. In our extra bedroom, which will soon become the nursery, we have a daybed with a trundle underneath. Karis has enjoyed jumping on the trundle bed for a few months now. One Sunday afternoon we had lunch with a family that was visiting our church. They have three children and in there living room was a small exercise trampoline. Karis was so drawn to it that she didn't even want to eat lunch. If you know my child, you know that she doesn't like to miss any meals! We watched her jump on and jump. Justin and I talked about getting her one. A few days later at Wal-Mart I bought one and brought it home. She was so excited. She must have jumped for 30 minutes straight.

Ready, Set.....


"This is so fun, Mommy."
She still jumps on it everyday. It was a good investment. I find myself jumping on it some too, just to get some more exercise. Karis is going to have some big calves if she keeps jumping so much, my little athlete!!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Family Trip to the Zoo!!

Monday morning, Justin and I got up very early to get ready for our trip to the zoo. We left our house about 7:30am to head to Ashboro, NC. Karis was very excited when she woke up because we had been telling her all last week that on Monday we would take her to the zoo. This was her first time to go. When I woke her up, she said, "Zoo today, Monday." We arrived at the zoo a little before 10:00am. We saw the giraffes, ostriches, and zebras first. Karis was very excited! I will let the pictures tell the rest of the trip.

After seeing the lions sleeping, the gorillas "tee-teeing," and the elephants playing, we came to the monkeys. This is a picture of a baboon. They were very fascinating, watching them play and interact with each other. Karis thought they were funny.

This is just a picture of Justin and Karis after we had lunch. After we looked at all the Africa side of the park, we went to eat our picnic lunch before we headed to the N. American side of the park. While we ate our lunch, we were surrounded by about 50 ducks. Karis gave them most of her sandwich.

Karis is looking for the black bear here, but it must have been hiding. She really enjoyed pointing out all the water, "look mommy, water!"

In the middle of the park, they have a carousel. I bought Karis a ticket because she said that she wanted to ride the polar bear. By the time we got on the ride, all the polar bears were taken so Karis changed her mind and didn't ride. We took her to see the polar bear next. It was sleeping, like many of the other animals we saw, but she thought it was really BIG and white.

They had a kiddie section at the zoo called Kid Zone. Justin and Karis are coming out of the maze. It was funny to watch their feet be almost out and then turn around and head the other direction.
We had a wonderful day talking to Karis about all the beautiful creatures God made. We asked her why God made these animals and she said, "for His own glory." She also asked me many times, "hear that mommy?"
"Hear what Karis?"
"The birds are chirping, they are praising the Lord."
I have only told her that a few times when we go for walks. It is amazing how perceptive our children are even at such young ages. Justin and I really enjoyed our day at the zoo with Karis and just being able to spend time as a family.