Friday, July 22, 2011

For Brooklynn

Six years ago
God rocked our world,
Cancer invaded
A dear baby girl.

We felt her pain
And together hoped,
In the Only One
Who could help us cope.

Our days are numbered
He holds us in His hands,
How could we question
His sovereign plan?

She belonged to God
And He loved her most,
When He spared her life
Only in Him could we boast.

He has given you
Five healthy years, my precious niece
A gift from God
And His wonderful peace.

Brooklynn, I thank God for you. On your five year anniversary of being cancer free, my hair is only a small token of my love for you and the One who is in control of ALL things. I love you sweet Brook.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy Monday!

The kids and Reno! Hope their smiles make you smile like they do me!

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Summer in Texas

After we got back from the Rehms reunion, the kids and I packed and headed to Beaumont and Orange to visit Aunt Courtney and Uncle Orrin, Pop Pop and Grammy, and Mamou. We spent the mornings hanging out with Aunt Courtney and Uncle Orrin and playing with their three dogs! To say my kids love dogs is an understatement, and I know that Tig, Gypsy, and Lucy were ready for my kids to leave them alone!
We enjoyed a yummy lunch, a trip to HEB, and playing with new toys at Courtney's house. I really cherished this time with her. The kids also found out that they are going to have a new cousin around Christmas time! Yeah! Courtney and Orrin are expecting their first child: a BOY! Noah is very excited about having a BOY cousin since he is the only boy now!

Pop Pop and Grammy got a new dog, Reno, and yet again, the kids were all over her. This time though, with tiny sharp teeth, Noah gave her a little space sometimes! We visited Mamou several times and loved seeing her. She is a blessing to all of us! The kids got to pick their own potatoes for dinner, which only Karis ended up eating. They thought this was fantastic, helping Grammy pick potatoes! (Since our lettuce garden didn't make it, I was glad they got to experience some gardening with Grammy, who by the way is an excellent gardener).

After that, Grammy pulled out the BIG sprinkler ball and the kids and Grammy had a blast! They ran from one side of the yard to the other many times, with Grammy right alongside them.

This is how we found Noah after I bathed them and they were watching a movie waiting for dinner.

It can't be very comfortable!

Reno, Pop Pop, Grammy, Karis and Noah

We traveled back to my parents house for a few more days before we came home. The kids got to play a lot with their cousins, Madi and Brooklynn. We went swimming one afternoon, threw rocks in the pond, rode the four wheeler, shopped at the outlets, of course, and my parents took the kids to Chuch E. Cheese, while I went to dinner with my long time friend, Mandy!

The kids faces are priceless!

My kids are so very blessed to have such loving grandparents, great-grandparent, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Our visits to Texas never seem long enough, and they are always filled with fun and laughter. God is good, and we are blessed. Thank you to all of you, we love you very much.

I was also thankful for the few hours we got to spend with my brother. He has been working so many hours this last year. I love you Shawn, and I'm glad you got to see ME!