Monday, October 20, 2008

Ever Seen One of These?!

A few weeks ago, Noah received the most unique gift from sweet Mrs. Nancy, a very dear friend of ours who loves my children dearly. To say this gift is unique is just not giving it enough credit. When I opened the gift, my first thought was "What?" Along with a good giggle, I brought it home and put it on Noah.
Here are a few pictures of Noah's "full body bib!"

A good picture of the front, what a cute lion!

It even has straps for his legs!

Another frontal view!

It was pretty hot for a few days so I decided after Noah had spit up on his last two shirts to just let him wear the bib with his diaper, he didn't seem to mind. Hey Calvin, always getting into the pictures! Check out Calvin's hair cut, he really needs a better groomer! I usually groom him in between hair cuts!
So for those of you who are now in the loop of what a full body bib is, maybe you should get one too. I really do like it, it catches all the slobber and spit up. I know that one day Noah will stop spitting up!
Thank you Mrs. Nancy for your unique, sweet gift, it was perfect for my sweet boy who seems to soil all his clothes and bibs!!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

What We've Been Up To!

The last few weeks I have been racking my brain, along with Laura's to try and figure out some inexpensive ways to help Karis play by herself. Karis loves for us to play with her, and she is very much lacking in the imagination department, I am sure she gets that from both her parents! I bought some felt and felt pieces and cut out some shapes and things for her to have her own felt board. She loves playing with the one at the library and her Sunday school teacher uses one every week. Karis is very proud of it and loves to play with it! Thank you Laura!

Okay, so the bear is a little bit too BIG for the house, as you can see I am not a professional cutter especially without good cutting scissors, which I now have!
Noah is officially walking all the time as of a week ago. He no longer crawls unless he is really tired or mad. He will be just be ten months on Thursday and continues to move too fast for his mommy! He is all boy, climbing on everything, pushing toys on the floor like trucks, and never sitting still for longer than a few seconds. What a difference from his sister. He is so fun and happy, what a blessing both of these little people are in my life.

Noah climbing up the bathroom cabinet. He enjoys being naked after his bath, thankfully he hasn't gone to the bathroom on any of us or the floor.

Classic Noah! Smiling, mouth open, and holding onto whatever he can find.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Happy Anniversary Justin, WOW 9 Years!

At 2:00 pm nine years ago, Justin and I stood before our family and friends and pledged to love, honor, cherish, and serve each other only by God's grace for the rest of our lives on earth. I am so thankful for how much the Lord has grown both of us in these last years.
I love Justin more everyday, I love the way he loves me and challenges me to know and love Christ more, I love the way he teaches and loves our children, I love serving along side him as he shepherds the flock the Lord has given him, but most of all, I love the way He loves Christ in all things. The passion that Justin had for Jesus is what made me fall in love with him ten years ago and that has not diminished at all, in fact, it has only grown stronger.

Our engagement picture, nine years ago! Wow, don't we look like babies, oh yeah, we were. We were both only 20 at the time of this picture.

Today we are older, have two beautiful children, and are more in love than ever. Love really does grow stronger with time. I can't imagine a day without Justin. I love you and cannot wait to see what the next nine years hold for us.

Glorify the Lord with me, let us exalt His name together.
Psalm 34:3