Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Early Christmas Gift

My wonderful husband surprised me last Friday with a new front loader washing machine. My washing machine had been acting up a lot lately, I would have to manually turn it on the inside to get the spin cycle to start after every wash. It was a bit laborious, but I was getting used to it. Justin does enjoy having his laundry done, everything washed, folded, put up, and ironed. This is actually probably my favorite household chore to do. The first thing I did was wash our comforter, no more laundry mat for me!! (at least fora awhile).
I am so very blessed. What a gift from the Lord and my very sweet husband. I don't know how I will top this one! Any ideas?
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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Whirligig Festival

Saturday, Justin took us to the Whirligig Festival. It is our town of Wilson's attempt to have you spend money and eat a lot of greasy unhealthy food. It is also a time for the community to reach out to each other and let the town know where places are and what new shops and things have opened. I made the mistake of getting a blooming onion and paid for it the rest of the day. Justin tried to advise me against it, but I was my stubborn self as usual. I will not do that again, at least I hope I won't. After only eating about 1/4 of it and spending $7 on indigestion, maybe next time I will listen to my husband!
The kids had fun riding the kiddy rides, and I had fun with them. Noah didn't want to do anything but ride the helicopter, which we did.

Noah and his new haircut, what a BIG boy he is now. He wasn't too sure about all the people!

Me, Noah, and Karis riding the helicopter ride!

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It was a fun day, but I was glad to get off the ride!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Pumpking Carving Time

Justin, the kids, and I had fun carving our pumpkin a week ago. The pumpkin is now in the trash, but the kids had fun making a face on it and scraping out all the gooh! Hope everyone is having a great fall.
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