Friday, November 11, 2011

Fall Soccer 2011

Soccer this fall was a new experience for our family, we ushered in a new player and a first time coach!

Justin coached Noah's four year coed team, (yes, Noah is only 3, but we moved him up because we thought he would be overly aggressive like he is at home with us). This proved not to be the case, he spent most of the time chasing after the crowd of kids around the ball, only kicking or going after the ball when no one else was around. Justin did a great job coaching, and I loved hearing Noah call him "Coach Daddy!"

Karis played again for her last time in the 5-6 league. She will move up to 7-8 in the spring, which will be an adjustment, no coach on the field! Karis learned the art of assisting her teammates, by passing for them to score. She scored a few goals and continued to play unstoppable defense. Her team spirit was easily seen as she cheered on her team and got excited when her teammates scored.

Here are our two soccer players posing for the camera:

Karis 7 years old
Team: Pizazz

Noah 3 years old
Team: Giants

Here are a few pictures of them in action:

Noah scoring his first goal!

This is Karis' determined face, she does this a lot when she is playing!

Karis facing off with her friend Hannah.

Watching Karis and Hannah play was so funny. They fought hard against each other, even knocking each other down a few times, only to run and hug each other after the game ended. It is good to see competitive spirits in them both, yet when the game is over, good friends.