Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring Soccer is Here!

Spring soccer is in full swing here at the Childers' house. Karis is playing for her third season, first time playing in the spring, and our family is again enjoying being involved in sports. I cannot help looking forward to cheering our team on: Go Midnight Express! I cannot help being surprised and proud of Karis as she matures and learns how to be a TEAM player. For the first time, Karis made a great pass to her teammate almost resulting in a goal. She still likes playing "keeper" or goalie, since I only played soccer until junior high, I am not totally in the lingo for the names of each position. However, I remember how irritated I used to get when people called it a spike in volleyball when it was called a "hit or kill." (sorry for the side note!)

The Princess Destroyers are currently 1-1. Our first game, Karis scored her first two goals. I realized that I have failed as a homeschooling mom when the referee asked her how to spell her last name and she said, "I don't know." She knows now!

I have also loved seeing Karis open up and make new friends. It is a joy to see your child grow and the fruits of you labors. She made a card for her coach, and it said "I love you and God loves you."

While Karis practices and plays, Noah likes kicking the soccer ball and watching. At our game last week, Noah encountered bleachers for the first time. After specifically telling him not to go past the first bleacher, I heard a very loud bump, then a hair raising cry. Here is what he looked like a few days later.

After comforting him and holding him, he looked at Justin and said, "I won't do that again." Maybe he really learned his lesson. Maybe sometimes Mommy and Daddy are right, imagine that!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Justin's Birthday

Last Tuesday was Justin's 33rd birthday. Thanks to an edible bouquet from his sister and Mamou, we enjoyed lots of fruit for the next few days! I was so glad that we were all together this year, it seems like in the last four years, we have been in Texas on Justin's birthday. After much thought, his menu for the day consisted of:

Breakfast: blueberry muffins

Lunch: Olive Garden

Dinner: steak and baked potatoes

Dessert: strawberry pie

It was fun to make "all" his favorites! (except Olive Garden, of courses). The kids and I thought long and hard about what to get him. After all the usual suggestions, I remembered something he said he would like to have, so I went and bought it.

Justin's new "swing bench." I am not exactly sure of its proper name, but that is what we call it. It is a nice addition to our front porch, and we have enjoyed swinging on it. It was also fun to buy him a "household" birthday present. It seems we as wives and moms always get appliances and other "household" items as presents!

Happy Birthday Babe, we love you so much!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mom aka Amma to the Rescue!

17 weeks! 17 weeks is how long I went without seeing my Mom! 17 weeks is too long, and I was in dire need of some "Mommy loving," which I received abundantly. (Thank you Mom!). Thankfully she came for a visit last week, and oh what a week it was: shopping, shopping and more shopping, eating, playing with the kids, staying up late, enjoying every last minute with each other. It truly is a blessing that my mom is also my best friend.

TUESDAY: The kids and I picked Mom up from the airport, made a trip to Sam's, visited a friend in the hospital, and then ate dinner at Moe's with Justin. We were both tuckered out but stayed up talking and gearing up for the outlet mall trip the next day. My mom has lost 20 pounds since I last saw her. She was in need of some new clothes, and I was excited to get to shop with her and for her!

WEDNESDAY: Smithfield outlet mall was our destination and "shopping until we drop" was accomplished for sure. We both some great buys and had so much fun. The kids enjoyed having Amma all to themselves. THURSDAY: We stayed home all day and just hung out letting the kids have Mom all to themselves. Here are some pictures of our fun!

Amma getting some Noah love!

Karis loving on Amma

My little inventors

My mom and I went to dinner at The Beefmaster, I have to say they really do have the best steak I have ever eaten. Justin and the kids stayed home so we could have some girl time. It was wonderful and so encouraging. Before dinner, we took some pictures.

Amma and the kids having some more fun!

The girls (it was a treat to have Karis in the picture, she usually doesn't like taking pictures).

Me and Mom

I hope I look as good as my mom does at her age!

FRIDAY: We did a little more shopping and playing outside. Karis had soccer practice and then the kids sat in Amma's lap and watched a movie. Mom and I stayed up late talking and dreading the next day.

SATURDAY: The whole family took Amma to the airport, this probably kept both of us from crying the whole way there. We only have to wait 8 weeks this time before we see each other!

I would be remiss if I did not say thank you to my Dad who talked mom into coming. Thank you Dad, you always take good care of your daughter! I also need to say that your presence, Dad, was missed greatly! We love you!

I am grateful to the Lord for giving us this special visit. It was balm to my hurting (missing my mom) heart.