Thursday, March 31, 2011

March Rewind

Blogging has been forsaken this month on account of sickness and just plain laziness, at least from blogging. Sickness brought about much daily cleaning and laundry, I feel like it never ended, the laundry I mean! The beginning of the month was our annual Pregnancy Center Banquet. It is always fun to get dressed up and support such worthy cause. We also brought out the new blender to make our "green smoothies, " which Justin figured out had spinach in them. The kids really like them and they have become our snack almost everyday!
The proof is on Noah's face!

Aunt Courtney sent Karis and Noah a care package of all kinds of fun stuff. They really enjoyed doing the mosaics, it was truly a joy to watch them work together!

The middle of March brought the stomach bug to our house, with poor Noah having the worst of it. I decided to get him the much wanted "Batcave" to cheer him up. I think Karis had more fun playing with it than he did.

Look at that sad face!

School has been in full swing after our bout with sickness. Noah has become a master "puzzle doer." (as he calls himself). He doesn't need anyone's help, he can do them all by himself. What a change from just a few weeks ago.

"Look Mommy, I did it all!"

This year of teaching Karis to read has been a true joy, after the initial few weeks, she has caught on so quickly. She is reading well and comprehending easily. I am so thankful for that since I had such a hard time learning to read.

Karis doing her reading.

We have also done a few art projects this month. We did a Dr. Seuss fish and an Eric Carlisle inspired butterfly, but my favorite is this one from Karis:

It doesn't get any better than this!

Hope you enjoyed my recap, hopefully April will bring more blogging. It will have to wait until my mom leaves though. She comes next week for four days!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

This Makes Me Happy!

It warms my heart to see Karis and Noah so engaged and content reading a book with Justin. It warms my heart to know they are all perfectly content to be with each other, close to each other, holding each other, loving each other.

Daily the Lord reminds me what a precious gift my husband is to me and to our children. He is not only comfortable playing and being with our children, he truly enjoys spending time with them alone, which gives me some time to run errands or spend some extra time with others. The kids love to be with him because he is always more fun than Mommy! They can play with me anytime!

Thank you Justin for pouring your heart and life into me and our children, for desiring to be with them and teach them some things on your own and for giving them security, love, time, discipline, and yourself.


Monday, March 14, 2011

Friends in Sickness

The last five days in our house have been full of fever, throw up, and other things. All except me have been hit by this virus, so I am just waiting my turn patiently as I take care of them. The boys are now on the mend, thankfully, but I have been so thankful for my "friends in sickness."

1. The handheld shampooer, thanks to my friend Lori for letting me borrow hers. I will have to get my own! (Maybe I should just buy her a new one and keep hers, especially after using it to clean up throw up!).

2. Lots of laundry detergent because the washing machine hasn't stopped going. I had to make some more today after I ran out this morning.

3. My kitchen aide mixer which has whipped up some homemade soft pretzels today. I also just really really LIKE my mixer, I use it all the time!

4. Clorox, clorox wipes, and lysol to disinfect the air, the floors, the tub, the sinks, the toilet, my kids and husband (oh wait, I didn't really use it on them, I wish I could though!).

These last five days have been a testimony of God's patience and gentleness with me, as I have had to be these fruits of the spirit to my family, God has reminded me that He is those fruits and all the rest every minute of everyday with me. I can honestly say that this week, I have been able to find joy and thankfulness serving my family and cleaning up things I would prefer not to, only by His grace!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Sure Sign of Spring: Barefeet!

We had a few weeks of mild weather at the end of February and the kids enjoyed playing outside in their barefeet (which they are not supposed to do, they are supposed to at least keep their crocs on)! Spring is in the air, and we are all excited about getting outside. Today the weather is much cooler, so the barefeet are covered up.

The tree is starting to bud, sure sign of spring.

Blue and pink crocs not on my kids feet!

Barefeet standing on the slide,

kids seeing new leaves on a bush in the backyard,

toes scrunching in the dirt,

and kids digging and playing happily together!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Missing Aunt Courtney

Saturday morning, I found Karis doing this in the living room when I got home from teaching at the Y.

Aunt Courtney was reading a book to her ponies and princesses. Courtney gave the kids a book about how much she loves them which when you turn the page, she reads each page. It is such a wonderful gift for them. Karis said she missed Aunt Courtney and wanted to "let her be the librarian."

It was a very sweet scene to come home to. Aunt Court you are missed here at the Childers' home, and your book is well loved and read by your niece and nephew. Miss you Court! Thanks for all your well planned and thoughtful gifts for us and the kids!