Thursday, December 29, 2011

Noah's 4th Birthday

For the first time, we were in North Carolina on Noah's birthday. We decided to throw him a party inviting our church family and some of his friends from the YMCA. I am sure it will only take you one guess to know the theme of his party: CARS, of course, not just any cars though, he was very specific about which cars he wanted on his cake. Instead of being my creative self this year, I decided to just decorate his cake and put some cars on top.

Along with the CARS, Noah wanted a 4 candle. He was very adamant about it.

We had his party at the park down the road, and it was a little chilly. The kids and adults seemed to have a good time, especially when Justin pulled out some games for them to play.

Noah eating his cake, wearing his CARS shirt!

It is hard to believe that my baby boy is four. He has such a sweet spirit, still loves to sit with Mommy, and talks, talk, talks. (I don't know where he gets that from, probably from his daddy!!!) His smile lightens up the room, and his laughter is so contagious. He spouts off scenes from the Cars movies and likes being any number of superheroes: Spiderman, Captain America, Green Lantern, and Iron Man. I cannot wait to see all God has in store for him and for us as he grows up. He is a precious gift!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

November Rewind

November went by way too fast. A few weeks after my parents came for a visit, Grammy and Pop Pop came. It was a wonderful weekend with them, doing all sorts of shopping, eating at Olive Garden, going to the Whirlgig Festival, watching some of the kids favorite movies, and having lunch after church with our church family.
The kids loved having them all to themselves, showing off their toys and playing with them. Thanks so much for coming! We had a great time!

Noah, Pop Pop, Karis, and Grammy

We did our third annual Thanksgiving tree this year. It always makes me smile to hear what the kids are thankful for, and it encourages us to be truly access our hearts to see if we are thankful for all things.

We spent Thanksgiving with one of our dear church families, the Reigels. It was so inspiring to see a family sit at a HUGE table spread with way too much good food, smiling and talking to each other. It was an experience, one our family will never forget! Thank you Reigel family for making us feel like family and so loved.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

And the Journey Begins...

I am so excited to announce that we are now in the first stages of the adoption process with America World Adoption. We have been accepted into the Ethiopia Adoption Program and are right now filling out tons of paperwork to bring our new addition home in the "distant" future! The adoption process is long when doing it internationally, but we know that God's timing is best. Please be in prayer for us as we embark on this wonderful journey of unknowns, patience, and mounds of paperwork.
To say I am excited is an understatement. Justin and I have talked about adopting since before we were even married. You can follow along with us as we go through this journey with our family blog: .