Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Wow, another year has passed..

And all I can think is what did I do in 2009 that lasted?

Did I love my husband by honoring, serving, submitting, and loving him the way God has called me to?
Did I strive to train, teach, love, discipline, and encourage my children with a heart of love or in frustration?
Did I allow the gospel to be center in all my daily routines?
Did I offer the same love that God has given me by pouring our His grace on me daily to my family, friends, church family, and strangers around me?

These are all questions I have pondered today as I dried my hair and got dressed. To some of the questions I can honestly answer a BIG yes, and to some of them I can answer an even BIGGER NO! Here I am again using too many I's. I did this or I did that. Even though I play a big part in what I do, I need to be focused on what God has called me to do and do it in His strength and not my own. I did not love my husband or children unselfishly, God did through me. I did not pour out grace to those around me, God did through me.
Thank you Lord for showing yourself to others through me, and thank you for forgiving me when I allowed my sin to cast a shadow on You. May 2010 be a year of shining Your light to all those around me in all I do, mundane and all.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Merry Christmas to All!

Our family decorated for Christmas before we left for Texas. It was a fun time, especially since the kids got to decorate their own tree.

We also enjoyed listening to Christmas music and decorating the BIG tree. We then tried to have a photo shoot with the camera timer, and Karis took the pictures of Justin and I. She did a pretty good job!

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I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas celebrating our Savior's birth and time with family. I will post more pictures from Christmas later and Noah's birthday pictures to come also.

Thanksgiving in Texas

Our family left for Texas the Monday before Thanksgiving to first spend four days with Justin's family in Orange. We celebrated Thanksgiving with them, and Noah a few early birthday gifts. As usual, Aunt Courtney had a lot of fun stuff planned for Karis to do, and I got to surprise my friend Laura for her 30th birthday and some of my other friends from Beaumont. We also got to see Justin's aunt Canda who is sick with brain cancer. It was good to see and visit with her and her husband Mike. Here are some pictures of our fun:

Noah and Grammy reading some new books!

Noah, mostly Karis, opening his early birthday gifts.

Karis helping Courtney decorate Mamou's Christmas tree at the nursing home

Noah wondering when all this decorating will be over so he can....

play with his trucks, wait, it looks like Karis is taking over, imagine that?

Mamou reading Noah a new book after Thanksgiving dinner.

Me and Noah on Thanksgiving

My precious little ones!

Again, reading books, but this time with Aunt Courtney!

God is good to give us family, and we so enjoy spending time with them. We miss you guys and love you!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Mexico Trip: My Handsome Husband!

Again, sorry about the crazy posting, but these are some of my favorite pics of Justin and I. I love you babe!
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Mexico Trip Pictures

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Here are some collages of our trip to Mexico. I am sorry that the posting is going to be so out of sink, but I had already typed the whole entry before I added the pictures, and I can't figure out how to add the text from an older post to this one, so hope you enjoy it anyways!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mexico Trip Commentary

To start things off, it was strange for me to be flying on an airplane without my children, but oh what a relief to not have to make sure that they were quiet and content. ( My children usually do exceptionally well on airplanes, so I really have nothing to complain about, but just being with Justin and not having to take care of someone else for once was so nice.) We arrived at the resort on Sunday afternoon after a crazy van ride from the airport! We got settled into our rooms and headed to the Snack bar to have a snack before dinner. Our stay was all inclusive, so we got to eat all the time, as much as we wanted. The never ending chips and guacamole was my favorite, and the food was good. Our first night there, we decided to go to the Theatre to see the gladiator show, after five minutes, we left, not what we expected but a funny memory to say the least!
Monday brought much exercise, working out at the gym, some beach volleyball, and lots of walking, along with lying and reading on the beach.
Tuesday and Wednesday, we played tennis, rode bikes, I beat Justin at table tennis, lots of reading and walking and of course eating! We had a chance to eat at two of the nice restaurants, a French and Asian one, both served four course meals. They were very good, and by dessert I was stuffed!
Thursday before coming home, we kayaked in the waves, it was amazing. I know why people do that for a workout! The water was beautiful, and the time together was priceless. The Lord rejuvenated me in so many ways and grew our marriage so much. What a blessing to be with Justin on this trip and to be with Michelle. Oh how wonderful to just sit and talk with you and reminisce over the last few years. I love you my sweet, dear friend, you are a true blessing from the Lord.
Justin, thank you for this wonderful trip, I love you more everyday. You are a blessing I do not deserve and thank God for everyday. I love you my husband.
Rob, it was fun to be with you too, I don't want to leave you out man!
Mom and Dad, thank you for watching Karis and Noah. Thank you for loving me and them so much to take care of them for us. You guys are the best, and I couldn't ask for greater, more loving parents. God truly blessed me when he gave me to you. I love you.
Lord, I pray the next 10 years of our marriage will grow us in ways that we cannot even understand. I pray you would continue to mold me into the woman you desire me to be. May we face the next 10 years with joy, patience, endurance, and grow more in love with You and each other every passing day. May our children come to see their need for a Savior, and may you be the center of our lives. Rob and Michelle, I pray the same for you and the boys, and may the next trip we take (20th anniversary) be a celebration of 10 more faithful years with our Savior and our spouses.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Happy Birthday My Sweet Boy!

Today my little man turns 2 year old. Where does the time go? Noah's personality has changed so much in the last year. He is such a joy to be around, always happy and content just to be with someone, especially his sister. He loves to do whatever she is doing. Oh Noah, how I enjoy your sweet laugh, your hugs, your never ending energy, and your love. You brighten each day, and God has blessed me so much with you. I love you more than I can say. May God call you to be His own and may your father and I teach you of Him all the days of our lives.
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