Friday, April 09, 2010

Off to Texas we Go!

The kids and I are headed to Texas tomorrow for a 10 day stay with our families. We hope you have a great couple of weeks!

Monday, April 05, 2010

Welcome Spring!

The last Saturday in March, we welcomed spring with our annual spring baskets. Thanks to Mamou, the kids had some new interesting, fun eggs to hunt for. The eggs talked until you found them, ("I am hiding, I'm over here," after it was found, you opened it and it said, "You found me!"). Noah wasn't so sure what was going on when he heard the noise, he said, "What's that Mommy?"
Hope you enjoy the pics of the fun day. The kids have enjoyed hiding the eggs for each other the last few weeks.
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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Just shy of 20 Years

Twenty years is a long time to call someone my friend, and I am not just talking about any friend. This friend is a tried and true, thick and thin, friend. The one word that completely describes her is: LOYAL. After almost 20 years, I can still with all certainty say that no matter the distance from her, the infrequency of our phone calls or emails, when we do talk it is easy, comfortable, like being in a safe place.

This is the only picture I could find on my computer, it is a little old and yes, I did spare you the old pictures of us back in junior high and high school. I guess I could have chalked those up to April Fool's! I am however going to post my poem I wrote for you for you. It is always good to reminisce and be transported back to our early days together. I hope you enjoy it and laugh, since we all know I am not a poet, just a want to be!!!

I REMEMBER the gobs of makeup and big poofy hair,
I REMEMBER riding Teah in the soft, cool air.
I REMEMBER when I was the new girl how you reached out to me when I needed a friend,
I REMEMBER our ball room fights and how we promised to be friends til the end.
I REMEMBER you being my bodyguard when a certain girl was upset with me,
I REMEMBER spending days at each other's house before we would disagree.
I REMEMBER being so embarrassed at the Renaissance festival that I never went back,
I REMEMBER after junior high games the countless dinners at Cactus Jack.
I REMEMBER how you stuck by me when everyone else walked away,
I REMEMBER you calling me when my grandpa died and how it lifted my day.
I REMEMBER your many boyfriends and how you always put me before them,
I REMEMBER at state our huge hug after we stepped on each other in order to win.
I REMEMBER always locking my keys in the car every time we went somewhere,
I REMEMBER thinking that a loyal and true friend like you was unique and rare.
I will REMEMBER your loyalty, honesty, and you being my true friend.
John, you're a very blessed man to be marrying Mandy, and she she deserves to loved and cherished until both your lives end.
Mandy, I pray your birthday is very special, and I pray that you know how blessed and honored I am to be your friend. Thank you for almost 20 years of friendship, for being yourself and taking me as I am, and for being loyal without fault. I love you girl.