Tuesday, January 08, 2013

My Little Man is FIVE, (a month late)!

December brings two important events in our family: Noah's birthday and celebrating Christmas.  We decided to drive to Texas this year for the first time, so Noah had a very small birthday celebration the Saturday before we left with some of his friends.  We left for our long journey on Monday, his actual birthday, which he was not too excited about!
Saturday we opened his presents, ate his favorite foods, and spent the day doing what Noah likes to do best: playing with his toys!  I was not surprised when he asked me to make him a Lightening McQueen cake, even though I informed him that I made him a Cars cake last year.  His reply, "You just set some cars on top of a cake Mom, you didn't decorate it!"

Oh the mind of a child!  It is always fun for me to make them whatever cake they want, at least within reason of course because I am not a professional by any means!

It is hard to believe that Noah is five!  He is such a delightful, inquisitive, fun-loving, compassionate, caring, and loud child.  His enthusiasm is contagious, and he cracks us up daily with his witty banter.  He asks hard questions and loves playing with his sister.  He brings joy and laughter to our family and I love him more than words can say.

Happy birthday late to my little man, may you continue to grow and may God save you for His glory!

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