Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pumpkin Farm Fun!

Over a week ago, our family went on our monthly CHOW field trip to Vollmer Farm.  We were so glad to have Daddy join us and to spend a whole day together!  The kids and I have been to this farm a few years ago, but I would have to categorize this day as "the best day ever."

Our trip started early in the morning with some waiting to ride the bus/hay ride.

Karis and all her friends!

We then took a class on how to make butter, which the kids got to enjoy with a cracker after it's completion.

Noah shaking (churning) the butter.

The kids then learned all about cows and how they produce milk and how to milk a cow.

Karis milking the cow while Hannah watches!

After the morning of learning, we were free to experience the rest of the farm.  The kids enjoyed riding on a barrel zip line, potato sack sliding, jumping on the BIG oval trampoline, playing in the corn, and eating lunch with our friends.

My two pumpkins!


Family pic, minus one!  

Happy Fall!

We finished the rest of our day shopping in Raleigh for the kids some winter clothes, doing a Trader Joe run, and eating dinner out.  A day of pure fun for our family!

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