Friday, September 07, 2012

A Note To My Son

With us now counting down the months until we get a referral and get to meet our son, he seems to be on my heart so often.  It is so different to not be carrying him in my womb and yet my heart is already longing and aching for him to join our family.  I look at the table and see and empty place, I look in Noah's room and picture him playing, I look back in the car and see an empty car seat, etc.  I have an ongoing letter to Karis and Noah, so I decided to start his.

My Dear Son,

     I can hardly wait to meet you, wrap my arms around you, kiss you, engulf you in love.  Even though I have never meet you and someone else carried you in her womb (I thank God for her), you already feel like mine.  I cannot wait for you to meet your sister and brother, to play with them, laugh with them, fight with them, and love them.  Our family feels incomplete without you here, and I pray the Lord will give you to us soon.  This year the Lord has been teaching your mommy, yes, I can't wait to hear you call me that, patience in abundance.  Right now my life is in waiting: waiting for God to show us where He wants us to serve Him in Texas, and waiting for you. God has asked me to wait for many things in my life, and this is proving to be the hardest.
    I ask God daily to protect you, feed you, give you love, and allow your heart to welcome us as we embrace you into our family.  I love you my son, more than you can possibly imagine.  Without even feeling you in my womb, my heart is longing and aching for you!  


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